Hair Oil Applicator and Scalp Massager 2 in 1

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  • Introducing our Rechargeable Scalp Massager for Hair Growth, your ultimate companion for luxurious hair care.

    Rechargeable & Powerful: Say goodbye to cumbersome batteries! Our scalp massager comes with a convenient Type-C charging cable, fully charging in just one hour. With high-frequency vibrations of up to 10,000 times per minute, it invigorates your scalp, enhancing blood circulation for healthier hair growth.

    Portable & User-Friendly: Crafted with a non-slip surface, our lightweight and compact design make it a breeze to carry in your handbag or purse. Enjoy a rejuvenating massage wherever you go, ensuring relaxation on-the-go. Pro tip: For smooth oil dispensing, simply press down on the cap.

    Innovative Liquid Comb: Elevate your scalp care routine with our revolutionary liquid comb feature. Effortlessly distribute hair growth oil evenly, aiding absorption for optimal results. Say goodbye to thin hair troubles as our scalp applicator ensures precise delivery of nourishing hair care liquids to your roots.

    Smart Design: Equipped with a transparent storage tank marked for easy monitoring, our ergonomic design snugly fits your scalp contours. The soft plastic bottle cap accelerates liquid release while preventing leaks or spills. Rest assured, our tightly sealed edges guarantee no messy mishaps.

    Easy-to-Follow Usage: Simply unscrew the suction nozzle, fill the tank with your preferred liquid (up to 30ml), and reattach the nozzle securely. Glide the soft teeth along your scalp for a blissful massage experience. After use, rinse away any residual liquid and ensure proper drying for longevity.

    Upgrade your hair care routine with our Rechargeable Scalp Massager for Hair Growth today and experience the ultimate indulgence in self-care.


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