Remote Controlled Car LED Lights

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Transform your car’s look and visibility with these advanced Remote Controlled Car LED Lights. Designed for both interior and exterior use, these lights offer dynamic illumination options to enhance your driving experience and vehicle aesthetics.




Vibrant Lighting Colors: Choose from seven stunning colors including white, red, green, blue, yellow, purple, and sky blue. Easily switch colors with a long press and adjust modes with a short press.

Multiple Modes: Enjoy diverse lighting modes such as fast and slow seven-color flashing, SOS mode, always-on, civil aviation mode, and cycle mode. The lights feature a memory function to retain your last settings.

High-Brightness Lamp Beads: Super bright LED beads ensure visibility even in daylight, providing better warning functions for safety.

Wide Application: Perfect for a variety of vehicles and uses, including drones, motorcycles, helicopters, and more.

User-Friendly Remote: Control your lights effortlessly with the included RF wireless remote, allowing you to customize your lighting with ease.


Why You Should Buy:


Enhanced Safety: The high-brightness LEDs improve visibility, making your vehicle more noticeable.

Versatility: Suitable for multiple vehicle types and various uses, from enhancing aesthetic appeal to functional lighting.

Convenience: Easy to install and control with the included remote, offering multiple lighting modes for different occasions.

Durability: Built to withstand different environments, ensuring long-lasting performance.


Upgrade your vehicle’s lighting system with these versatile, high-quality LED lights, and enjoy a blend of style, safety, and convenience.

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